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Boarding Check List



Changing up your dog’s food abruptly may cause stomachaches and health problems for your dog. Pack dog food in individual ziploc bags for each meal, and label them accordingly.


Be sure your pet is up to date on all vaccinations for boarding, grooming, or daycare. This ensures a safe environment for other pups and your own. Prepare documents to bring in, fax, or emailed to Southern Paws. We require 3 shots- rabies, bordetella, and distemper. All pets must also be current on flea/tick medicine.


Please bring bedding for your dog, for it provides them a familiar scent of home. It also lets them know you are there with them throughout their stay. We also suggest bringing a shirt you’ve worn the day before, unwashed, so your pup has a part of your with them. (We do provide bedding at no additional charge if requested)


Bring their favorite toy! We have plenty here, but if your dog absolutely loves a certain toy, feel free to pack it.


If your dog is on any medication, please advise the staff and write specific instructions on your information sheet. (Medicine is administered at no additional charge)


All dogs/cats must wear their collar for boarding, grooming, or daycare.